Classification Testing

Classifying materials to their engineering properties.

Classification testing (also referred to as Particle Size Distribution or Grading)  includes a set of tests that can be undertaken individually or as a suite, to classify materials to their engineering properties. The results of these tests dictate how and where a material can be used, how it needs to be handled, how it may perform and what properties and behaviours it will show. Additionally, classification tests can offer some background to other testing data and with all the available information, whether a material will show compliance to a specification and perhaps, more importantly, whether it is suitable for purpose.

Classification testing relates to all material classes and offers an important testing regime that is undertaken across any site and any material found on it.

We can support your every need.

OEMA will undertake any pre-determined testing suite or indeed devise a bespoke suite to suit your needs, should it be necessary. The flexible way in which we can meet your demands means that we can support your every need.

Gradings currently undertaken:

BSEN 9331 1997, Grading Category B, Grading Class 1A, Grading Class 1B, Grading Class 1C, Grading Class 2A, Grading Class 2B, Grading Class 2C, Grading Class 2D, Grading Class 6A, Grading Class 6F1, Grading Class 6F2, Grading Class 6F5, Full Analysis Bespoke Grading, Sand Grading & Chemical Analysis, Grading Sand Silt, Grading Trommel Fines, Grading Type 1, Grading Type 2, Grading Type 3, Grading Type 10, Grading Class 6I & 6J, Grading Class 7A, Electrical Resistivity, Thermal Resistivity, Grading 6mm Dust All in Aggregate, Grading 18-4mm, Grading 20mm, Frost Heave Analysis, Lightweight Organic Contaminants, California Bearing Ratio, Liquid & Plastic Limits, Magnesium Sulphate Soundness, Dry Density Vibrating Hammer, Los Angeles Coefficient, ENA97-1 Suite

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