Much more
than chemicals.

With our analysis and consultancy knowledge on board, we look at chemical supply from a different viewpoint. OEMA’s approach to our clients differs from that of others in the market place in that our aim is to sell you less than our competitors.

This is often possible by looking through the client’s process and streamlining any inefficiencies, supplying superior quality, monitoring and balancing a process, providing pre-treatment or improving delivery system.

Our in-depth knowledge and involvement across a diverse industry base, provides us with the expertise to offer sound advice and recommend realistic and efficient solutions.

Chemistry analysis
and consultancy service.

OEMA’s approach to our clients needs differs from that of others in the market place, our aim is to be supportive, impartial and offer the very best advice and service to our clients. We’ll find ways to save you money.

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A premium range
of chemical products.

Our long established premium range of chemical products will help you increase efficiency, drive down costs and provides a healthier environment for our customers. With an impressive range of products and services, our skilled team of technical experts, engineers, laboratory and in-field support staff are on hand to offer advice, guidance and information on all aspects of our applications and procedures.

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