It‘s all about the chemistry.

When it comes to all things chemical, you need a partner who gets you, and a partnership you can count on. Trust us to listen to you, to understand your business and to fulfil your needs, time and again.

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We always

OEMA covers a unique gap in the marketplace, providing a one stop shop approach to all areas chemical.

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30 years
& counting.

With over 30 years’ experience in marine and chemical manufacture and supply, and the laboratory analysis market — our customers are in safe hands.

We’re driven
by your needs.

We get to understand our customers unique needs and values, then tailor our services to meet them. We have one aim, and that is ’to be your best supplier’ for all things Chemical.

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Testing, analysis
& monitoring.

We have decades of experience in chemical manufacture, supply and laboratory analysis market. OEMA supplies an all-encompassing approach to all our clients.

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Centres of Excellence

With our analysis and consultancy knowledge on board we look at chemical supply from a different viewpoint. Our approach to our clients differs from that of others in the marketplace.
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OEMA provides a fully independent analytical service employing a range of techniques, giving us the ability to help our clients get results and certified reports quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively in a straight talking format.
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To buy or to lease – its up to you. We will continue to explore new techniques and equipment to provide the most appropriate solutions for your needs.
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Site Surveys
Asbestos, Noise Monitoring, Air Testing, LEV, Workplace Monitoring Legionella Risk Assessment, Thermographic Surveys and Authorised Gas Testing, OEMA can cover pretty much every requirement for any industry.
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Construction Material Testing
OEMA CMT provide independent materials testing and consultancy across the south. Servicing both producers and end-users of construction materials, OEMA CMT operate to ensure clients’ timescales are met without compromising quality.
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Ballast Water Testing
Ballast water experts who understand the marine environment to help you choose, operate and test your ballast water management system to meet the standards required and ensure compliance.
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Our Promise

  • OEMA will treat everybody with respect and will always be friendly, approachable, professional, and knowledgeable
  • Our site team delivering your project will be fully experienced, knowledgeable, and appropriately qualified
  • OEMA will maintain comprehensive insurance cover for all our activities, whether in our offices, factory, workshops, travelling or on site
  • OEMA will continue to explore new techniques and equipment to provide the most appropriate solutions for our customer’s needs.


OEMA is a proudly independent company, with no affiliation to anyone else, and can therefore always offer an unbiased, impartial service to all our clients.

Because of our personality, drive, knowledge, and determination to succeed, our customers goals are reached safely, professionally, and efficiently. Our inter-disciplinary business functions connect intelligently over several departments to deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.

‘With chemistry the more energy you put into a bond the harder it is to break’.