Construction Material Testing

without compromise.

Offering a range of testing and services, OEMA can provide independent construction materials testing and consultancy to both producers and end users of mineral and recycled products. Our team of technicians located in Bournemouth work to traceable national standards and documented procedures.


Experience and knowledge
to support your needs.

With our team bringing over 100 years of experience in the material testing discipline, OEMA CMT brings a deep understanding of product requirements and end placement in line with national standards, government legislation and suitability. Our test certificates and reports are designed to cut through the jargon and provide you with easy-to-read, compliant and timely test results.



Providing quality support, for your testing.

Offering a range of testing suitable for quarries and WRAP producers, OEMA can take the hassle out of routine quality management of your materials. OEMA can arrange to regularly take samples on set intervals, with testing all in line with the specific end product, and report back in a simplified report of current compliance.

  • Water Content – BS EN 1097-5
  • Particle Size Distribution via wet sieving (Grading) – BS EN 933-1
  • Particle Size Distribution via dry sieving – BS EN 933-1
  • Classification of constituents of coarse recycled aggregate – BS EN 933-11
  • Loose & Compacted Bulk Density – BS EN 1097-3
  • Particle Density & Water Absorption – BS EN 1097-6
  • Aluminium content – MCHW: Vol 1.: Series 800: Clause 801.17-18
  • MDD/OMC(Vib Hammer) – BS EN 13286-4
  • Resistance to Fragmentation (Los Angeles) – BS EN 1097-2
  • Resistance to Abrasion (Micro Deval) – BS EN 1097-1
  • Resistance to Freezing and Thawing (Magnesium Sulphate Soundness) – BS EN 1367-2
  • Frost Heave – BS 812-124
  • Fines Quality – Methylene Blue – BS EN 933-9
  • Fines Quality – Sand Equivalent – BS EN 933-8
  • MCHW Sulphates –BS EN 1744-1


Re-use or disposal, OEMA can provide services which support your needs.

OEMA have extensive experience with site derived materials for re-use within your construction project. We support contractors by accurately classifying site won materials in an rapid and cost effective manner, saving the contractor from having to importing material, and thus saving money on the project. OEMA can also test materials for potential export from site where a surplus is identified, and through our network of experts, can assist with obtaining the suitable permits to transfer the material to third party sites.

  • Water Content – BS EN ISO 17892-1
  • Saturated Moisture Content of chalk – BS EN ISO 17892-2
  • Intact Dry Density of Soil – BS EN ISO 17892-2
  • Particle Size Distribution by wet sieving (Grading) – BS EN ISO 17892-4
  • Particle Size Distribution by Hydrometer (Sedimentation) – BS EN ISO 17892-4
  • Liquid & Plastic Limit with Indices (Atterbergs) – BS EN ISO 17892-12
  • Particle Density (Fluid pycnometer) – BS EN ISO 17892-3
  • Particle Density (Gas Jar) – BS 1377-2
  • Moisture Condition Value (Single Point) – BS 1377-2
  • Moisture Condition Value/ Moisture Relationship – BS 1377-2
  • Maximum Dry Density & Optimum moisture content (2.5kg Rammer) – BS 1377-2
  • Maximum Dry Density & Optimum moisture content (4.5kg Rammer) – BS 1377-2
  • Maximum Dry Density & Optimum moisture content (Vibrating Hammer) – BS 1377-2
  • Hand Shear vane on recompacted specimens – New Zealand Geotechnical Society Inc August 2001

Concrete Testing

A day without concrete is like a day without sunshine.

OEMA offers concrete testing and training from our facilities at Hurn. In partnership with one of the premier local suppliers, Oema can offer guidance and training to site personnel for cube manufacture to reduce incidents of poor cube results due to poor quality cubes, thus saving you money and on timescales.

Compressive Strength of cubes including curing:

  • BS EN 12390-1
  • BS EN 12390-2
  • BS EN 12390-3
  • BS EN 12390-7

Site Testing

Rain or shine, our site technicians are always smiling.

OEMA offers the service to undertake on site testing and sampling on behalf of clients. From project inception to complete, OEMA can provide services across different phases of a project. From routine sampling for muckaway, down to plate bearings on the road formations, OEMA provides a one stop shop for your testing needs.

  • Sampling of Aggregates – BS EN 932-1
  • Sampling of Soils – IHTPM
  • In-Situ Shear Strength (Hand Shear Vane) – New Zealand Geotechnical Society Inc August 2001
  • In-Situ Density (Core Cutter) – BS 1377-9
  • In-Situ Density (Sand Replacement) – BS 1377-9
  • Plate Load Testing (CBR Method) – BS 1377-9
  • Plate Load Testing (Pressure Method) – BS 1377-9


New products, new solutions.

Our team of technicians at Bournemouth have extensive experience in research and development of new materials from the mineral processing market. With a range of testing from mechanical to chemical, OEMA can test to see end use suitability for new manufactured aggregates and mineral processes.

  • Upflow percolation testing (Wastes) – BS EN 14405
  • Upflow percolation testing (Construction products) – PD CEN/TS 16637-3
  • Monolithic tank testing – NEN 7375
  • pH dependency testing – BS EN 14429
  • Batch testing – BS EN 12457-1 to 4

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