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Marine cleaning products
OEMA Antifoam
OEMA Antifoam is a water dispersible liquid emulsion defoamer.
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OEMA BAC50 – Fungicide Bactericide
BAC50 can be used in all areas where cleaning, deodorising, and disinfecting are needed.
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OEMA Bubblegum Sanitiser
OEMA Bubblegum Sanitiser is a multi-surface water based perfumed sanitising spray.
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OEMA Caustic Soda 32%
A highly versatile substance used in a variety of manufacturing processes
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OEMA Citric Acid De-Scaler
Citric Acid 36% is a pre-mixed descaling solution.
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OEMA Citrusolve
Citrusolve is a biodegradable water dilutable solvent emulsion cleaner, formulated from naturally occurring solvents.
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OEMA CUPAS 806 is a concentrated ferrous sulphate solution designed for the passivation and film maintenance of seawater cooling systems.
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OEMA CWSB includes a safe biocide for preventing and controlling marine growth in fresh or sea water cooling systems.
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OEMA De-Carb 29
OEMA De-Carb 29 is a heavy-duty liquid alkaline de-carboniser containing caustic alkalis and high effective sequestrates.
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OEMA De-Carb 30
OEMA De-Carb 30 is a heavy-duty liquid alkaline de-carboniser containing caustic alkalis and high effective sequestrates.
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OEMA Degrease Max
Degrease Max is a selected blend of detergents and high flashpoint solvents which rapidly penetrate oil and grease deposits.
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OEMA Disc Cleaner
OEMA Disk Cleaner is an acid based liquid rust remover and surface brightener.
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OEMA Looclean Max
OEMA Looclean Max is a detergent blend containing Phosphoric Acid and bactericide.
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OEMA Neutraliser
Oema Neutraliser Is an alkaline neutralising agent for use after acidic cleaning and de-scaling operations.
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OEMA Oxalic Acid
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OEMA Teak Renewer
Oema Teak Renewer is a highly concentrated formula for brightening wooden decks and furniture.
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OEMA GPC is a multi purpose liquid detergent with fast penetration properties.
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OEMA TFR is a multipurpose blend of liquid cleaning agents and surfactants with fast penetration properties.
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